Handgun Carry Permit Class


You have 3 choices when selecting a handgun training school to get your permit through.

1. Overpay for your class.
2. Take a cheap class.
3. Take an inexpensive, high quality class.

It's your choice!

Don't settle for less. Train with the best !

Handgun Permit Class only $50
( Limited Time Only )
Regular price $100

"More Classes, Better Instruction."
No Hidden Charges.
Learn 2 Shoot Handgun Training Academy

Dennis E. Mankin
Tennessee State Certified Handgun Instructor
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor


Learn 2 Shoot and Learn & Shoot are state certified handgun safety schools.  Certified by the State of Tennessee to teach the state approved Handgun Carry Permit Class.  

After you sign up for a class you can then go to the state's website and apply for your Handgun Carry Permit at: https://apps.tn.gov.handgun/
Be sure you bring your conformation number with you to class.

After successful completion of this class you then go to any full service Drivers Testing Station in the State of Tennessee. The state will charge you $115 this covers your background check and fingerprint fee. Your permit will be valid for 4 years and the renewal fee is $50.

Once your receive your permit your handgun may be carried open or concealed, it is your choice. 

Click on Class Schedule for a calendar of classes already scheduled, times and location.
 Seats are limited!

We also offer:
 Ladies Only Basic Shooting Skills Class $50
 Ladies Only Handgun Carry Permit Class $50
Handgun Permit Refresher Class $25
"Next Step" Handgun Training Class $75
Tac. 1 Handgun Class $75
Tac. 2 Handgun Class $75
(See the Advanced Classes tab for more information)

Check the Class Schedule for availability

Gift Certificates available!

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Please check the Scheduled Classes page on this site to make sure the class you want is not full. If you sign up for a class that is full your registration can not be accepted.
Thanks, Dennis

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