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Don't settle for less. Train with the best!

TN Handgun Permit Class only $50
( Limited Time Only )
Regular price $100

Gift Certificates Available! 
Give the gift of self protection.
Give Learn 2 Shoot Handgun Training Academy Handgun Permit Class Gift Certificates. You can come by and pick up a gift certificate anytime we are there with a scheduled class or Call us and order them over the phone we can mail them to you. Call for details.
Care enough to give the gift of self protection.

Dennis E. Mankin
Tennessee State Certified Handgun Instructor
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor


Learn 2 Shoot is a state certified handgun safety school.  Certified by the State of Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security to teach the state approved
Handgun Carry Permit Class.  

Here at Learn 2 Shoot Handgun Training Academy we take your training very serious. We strive to provide you with a nice, clean professional training environment. To us this is a full time profession not a hobby. Don't be fooled by imitators, only trust your training to Learn 2 Shoot Handgun Training Academy. "Friends don't let Friends Settle for Less. "

Don't settle for less. Train with the best !

After you sign up for a class go to the state's website
and apply for your Handgun Carry Permit
The state's system will issue you a 7 digit confirmation number. Be sure you bring your confirmation number with you to class.
We need your confirmation number to report your scores to the state. After we report your scores your confirmation number becomes your certification number that you use to get your permit from the state.

This is an 8 hour class conducted in 1 day rain or shine. All classes start at 7:30am please be on time and you need to be available until 4:30pm. Please be on time to class. Please park in the main part of the parking lot. Bring your handgun in, leave ALL ammo and your cell phone in your car.
No gate loaded revolvers please.

You will need a quality handgun (we rent them if you don't have one) and 50 rounds of quality ammo. Please dress according to the weather as the range is outside.  If you have one please bring a folding chair and a baseball cap to use at the range.

Classes are conducted at 855 W. College St. Suite D Murfreesboro, TN 37129 and we shoot at a nice outdoor range located near in Woodbury TN.

After successful completion of this class you have 6 months to go to any full service Driver Testing Station in the State of Tennessee.  If for any reason you wait more than 6 months you will have to take the entire class over again. The state will charge you for your background check and your fingerprint fee.

  After you complete your class make sure you wash your hands with cold water to get the gun powder residue off.

Once you receive your permit, your handgun may be carried open or concealed, this is your choice in the State of Tennessee. You CAN NOT carry your handgun until your permit comes back to you in the mail.

Click on "Scheduled Classes" at the top of the page for a calendar of classes already scheduled, times, location, and
parking instructions.
Written directions to the classroom are on our "Sitemap" page.
Schedule your class today, seats are limited!

We also offer:
*Handguns 101 Class Free
Laser Pistol Training Class $25
**Handgun Permit Refresher Class $25
  Ladies Only Handgun Carry Permit Class $50
"Next Step" Handgun Training Class $75
Tac. 1 Handgun Class $75
Tac. 2 Handgun Class $75
(See the Advanced Classes tab for more information)

Check the Class Schedule for availability

Laser Pistol Training Class
Next Laser Pistol Class 10/8/15
We work with you using our state of the art Laser Pistols on our indoor laser range.
We help you improve your shooting skills. Teaching you proper hold, grip, stance, 
sight alignment, sight picture on our laser pistols. Improve your shooting skills and correct bad habits with our Laser Pistol Training Class.

*Handguns 101 Class
The Handguns 101 Class is an introduction to handguns. The class times are 6-8pm.
This is a great class to take before your
 Handgun Permit Class.

**Refresher Class:
The Refresher Class is for anyone that already has a valid TN Handgun Permit and/or wants to
"sit in" on a class.
The Refresher Class is available for only $25 on any date that we already have a Handgun 
Permit Class scheduled. 
Please note "Refresher Class" on the
registration form.

Gift Certificates available!

Register for your class on this site today!
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Powell Fence Company is locally owned and operated right here in Murfreesboro TN Please check out our page at: www.facebook.com/powellfencecompany And because we are fans of Dennis Mankin, Learn 2 Shoot Handgun Permit Class and gun rights we are offering anyone who purchases a fence or service of $1000 or more a class with Learn 2 Shoot paid for by us!


Please check the Scheduled Classes page on this site to make sure the class you want is not full. If you sign up for a class that is full your registration can not be accepted.
Thanks, Dennis

Enjoy some photos of previous classes
and student reviews.


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Lora Norris Loftis reviewed Learn 2 Shoot — 5 star review
Dennis was amazing! To be honest, I've been putting off taking the class because I expected it to be a long, boring, torturous day. That was not the case at all. Not only did I learn SO much, I truly enjoyed every bit of it. Dennis is very knowledgeable and taught us a lot, but he made it interesting and fun while he did it. I will definitely take his advanced class and will recommend him to every gun owner I know.

Marissa Lusz reviewed Learn 2 Shoot — 5 star review
I loved this class, wonderful instructor who made it fun and entertaining, but still stressed the seriousness of safe weapons handling and when is the proper time to use our weapon for our personal protection! I will definitely be recommending this class to my friends and be coming here again in the future for the advanced class!

Jeff Alexander I would like to say I really enjoyed taking this class! Very professional job by Dennis Mankin and his group! I would highly recommend the Learn 2 Shoot training class to anyone! 1 give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Guillermo A Novoa My wife Robbin Novoa, aunt Dorothy Rublee and myself enjoyed taking this class , thank you Dennis, we already aplied for the permit we will take the training you are offering very soon, i will recommend Learn 2 Shoot to everybody i know

Learn 2 Shoot Handgun Training Academy
855 W College St, Ste D
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
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